Australian Technicians

When you call us, you are calling an Australian family-owned business. So you will always talk to someone who speaks your language, we might even offer you a Vegemite sandwich!

Fast Online IT Support

There is a better way to do support than sending a technician out by road for a hefty price. We do support online for a modest fee, all across Australia.

How Does it Work?network and internet support service

Our technicians use remote support agent software to connect to your computer as if we were right there with you. When you download our support agent, it will generate a code to give to our technicians which will allow them to connect. When the remote session has been finished, simply exit the agent and no further connections will be possible.

Is it Safe

We use TeamViewer Quick Support remote support software, which is safe, secure and is trusted by millions of IT professionals worldwide. When you download our support agent it will display a series of codes on your screen (an ID and password). These are different from your usual computer login and password. Only people to whom you give those codes are able to connect. When you close the support agent, remote sessions are no longer possible (if using Quick Support). Should you reopen the support agent at a later date, it will have a different password. This is a security feature which is designed to protect you. If you run our Quick Support agent while already having the full version of TeamViewer installed, it will simply load up the full version as you will probably be familiar with that version.

How do I Get Started?

There are two simple steps to follow to get started.

  1. Download and run our support agent. 
    1. (Optional). If you wanted to have a definite time for our support agent to provide support, you can use our bookings page. This is completely optional.
  2. Call our support line and speak to one of our friendly technicians.