How to Keep Working While In Lockdown

With all the recent events around the COVID-19 coronavirus, many businesses and individuals have self-isolated. For individuals, this means staying at home away from others. For businesses, it can mean anything from complete shutdown, to mobilising their workforce to enable healthy and able employees to work from home and thus avoid infection. Of course this doesn’t work for labor-intensive industries where there is a lot of manual work, such as trades, transport of manufacturing. On the flipside, workplaces which have a large office-based workforce can telecommute (work from home) quite easily.

Individuals and businesses may require IT support either because they are now working from home, or because they are in isolation. The good news is that there is not a virus in history of mankind that can be transmitted from man to machine, or from machine to man!

Recently, Prime Minister, Scott Morrison announced a series of safety measures aimed at preventing the spread of this virus, such as a ban on public meetings of 500 people or more, and asking people to isolate if they are confirmed carriers of the virus, have recently returned from a selection of countries, or have come in close contact with someone who was confirmed to have Coronavirus. The AFL and NRL have announced that games will still be played but on the TV only; in addition, the Melbourne F1 Grand Prix has been cancelled.

Can Technology Slow the Spread of Coronavirus?

The internet, like telephones, creates a very effective safety barrier between people who would otherwise have to meet in person; allowing consultants, end-users and clients to still meet without the risk of spreading contagions.

If you or your business requires IT support, the good news is that LEKASEB IT is open for business. If you want to be able to allow your staff to work from home, we can setup and support such a system. We will take precautions to protect our staff and the community. This means that we may opt for working remotely for customers in high-risk areas. For all other areas, we are still available for onsite callouts.

Can LEKASEB Provide Support for all Technical Issues on a Remote Basis?

We can support any computer remotely, so long as there is an internet connection stable enough to support remote control software. Most NBN, ADSL2+ or Mobile Broadband plans are more than sufficient for this purpose.

Issues that we can’t troubleshoot or support remotely are those where the internet connection is not working, where a computer does not turn on, where we need access to the BIOS settings, or where a factory reset is required. There are a few brief tests we can run over the phone if a computer or laptop doesn’t start at all, however these tests are not concrete. We can still visit in person if necessary, providing the destination is not within a high-risk area.

Can you Still Send a Technician to my Home or Office?

Yes, we can still visit in person on an essential basis and only where there is no other way to provide the support required. We won’t however, send a technician to a high-risk town or suburb and we will ask you a few screening questions regarding your health and recent travel movements.

For more information on our on-site and remote services, please see our IT Support page.